Women and Mountain Pine Beetle forum

The UNBC Northern Women’s Centre, Women North Network and the School of Social Work organized a one and a half day event entitled, “Boom, Bust and Beyond: Women’s Perspectives on the Mountain Pine Beetle”. The event was held on March 28th - 29th, 2008 at the University of Northern BC. A total of approximately $22,000 in funding was provided by several organizations, including: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Rural Secretariat, Women’s Health Research Network, B.C. Rural and Remote Health Research Network, Stand Up for the North and Northern Women’s Forum.

This gathering explored the social, economic and health-related impacts through the eyes of women from beetle-effected communities, including women from rural and remote areas of B.C. as well as First Nations women. The main goal of the event was to give women an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns about the natural disaster created by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, and to share strategies to lessen the impact of the epidemic on their health and wellbeing and the future sustainability of their communities. Challenges, assets, solutions and capacity building opportunities were identified. The proceedings from the forum are right HERE.