Mission Statement:

"The Northern Women's Centre is a non-profit organization committed to supporting, educating and advocating for the diverse needs of women in Northern British Columbia. We are dedicated to providing a 24-hour safe space for women and furthering gender equality".

Services and Programs:

* 24 hour safe space for women

* Trained volunteers to talk to

* Pamphlets/referrals to on campus and community services

* Library resources

* Educational Opportunities i.e. workshops and speakers

* Crisis Intervention Training (Sept. and Jan.)

* Volunteer Program

* Workshops - e.g. body image, employment/career directions, communication skills, etc.

* Mentoring/Practicum Student Placements

* Free Condoms

* Jezebel's Jam Event

* Library

* Open Houses (Sept. and Jan.)

* Dec. 6th and March 8th Commemorations

Men needing assistance may contact the Coordinator at or simply knock on the door. Men are also welcome to use our reference library by making appointments with the Centre's Coordinator. As well, men are invited to many of our events and workshops.