Homelessness Study

Women and Homefullness: What helped us land on our feet

August, 2008.

Dr. Si Transken, Lacey-Rae Strader, Sarah Boyd-Noel

Generously funded by the Government of Canada

Far too often the notions of what government and funders assume is needed and necessary dictates what programs do or do not get funding. Rather then inquire about the supports women who are presently homeless need, this research focuses on those who have survived homelessness and what agencies, supports and individuals effectively and meaningfully helped them regain stability. The intent of phase one of the Women and Homefullness research study is to create a comprehensive list of suggestions and recommendations created by women who have used a variety of the social services Prince George has to offer. Ten women from varying backgrounds were interviewed regarding their struggles with previously being homelessness and their journey in finding secure housing and varying forms of self-defined stability. By asking what was helpful, rather then speculating about what could be helpful, this study recognizes that the experts in the area of need vs. pre-conceived need are the women who were service users and are now success stories. The final report is attached.

It can be downloaded from right HERE.