The centre is run by its members who form a collective. If you want to take part in the collective, come by and look for a posting of our meeting times (generally 12 noon 1 X week). We make decisions based on consensus and we have lots of fun! Please note, however, that you do not have to join the collective to use the centre.

The Women's Centre also has a board of directors which provides direction for the centre's activities and works alongside the collective. Each board member is responsible for one of the centre's key portfolios: volunteers, education, internal relations, external relations, finances, library and fundraising. The board meets approximately two to three times per semester (September - April). If you are interested in a rewarding volunteer position, please contact the Coordinator.

Board of Directors (Current Directors and Current Openings):

Volunteer Coordinators - Allison Parker/1 Opening

Education Coordinators - Gab Wint-Rose/1 Opening

Internal Liaison - Opening

External Liaison - Ijeoma Uche-Ezeala

Fundraising/Proposal Writing - Dr. Si Transken

Treasurer - Opening

Library - Jacqueline Moyse